Birds are entertaining pets and they offer great companionship.

Birds have been kept as pets as far back as 6000 years. While there are many kinds of birds to adopt, they are not cheap to buy. Make sure you do your research on the kind of bird you want. While a bird is a great companion, some birds need a lot more care and can become more emotionally attached than others. Remember, in order to stay healthy birds need exercise and constant care. In addition to the right sized cage, make sure your bird has clean food and water dishes. And, as a special treat for your bird, try our new
. The ideal natural chew for your bird.

What kind of perch is best for my bird?

While many cages come with dowel perches, real bark is the best. A bird uses their perch to trim their toenails, and a dowel is too smooth to do this. Remember, a birds toenails grow all the time, just like a persons. Ask your local pet store about the different types of perches available.

How often do I feed my bird?

Birds need to be fed every day. They have a high metabolism, which means they keep a high body temperature and burn up their calories. Even though your bird's seed dish may look full, make sure you check it. It could just be the empty seed husks. While most birds eat seeds, some also like fruits and vegetables. Always check with your vet on the best food for your type of bird.

Where do I put my bird cage?

It depends on the type of bird. If you have a tropical bird, they like a steady warm temperature. Make sure you never put your bird directly in the sun. Nice daylight is just fine. Try not to put your bird near a window. While it might seem like a good idea, windows have unseen drafts. Use a cover at night to give your bird some quiet time.

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