The pet of choice for many, cats are cute, smart and easy to love.

With thousands of years of history, cats are the only domesticated animal that could live in the wild by itself. But it's much more fun if they live with us! And while cats can be solitary, as kittens they need love and attention. This helps them become socialized, friendly happy cats. When you get your new kitten or adopted cat home, you need to decide on a routine. Since cats love to explore, it's best to give them the option to go out in the day and bring them in at night. And whether your cat likes to play in or out, they need to have continuous fresh water. Check out our Ant Free Dish.

When can I adopt a kitten?

Kittens are best adopted at 2 months old. You can usually tell the best kitten for you by the Mom. Is she acting calm or skittish? See which kittens are aggressive or timid when feeding. This is also a good indicator. And, of course, the one you fall in love with on sight is good too.

What kind of food should I feed my cat?

There are three types of food available for cats. Dry, canned and semi-moist. Dry is best for their teeth and can be left out for the cat to eat as it pleases. Canned is good, but make sure food is always fresh. Semi-moist can be high in sugar, salt and preservatives. Never feed your cat people food.

Can I put my cat on a leash?

While a cat lover my decry this form of treatment, it is a good solution if you live in an urban area. This way you can get your cat the fresh air and exercise it needs. Cats aren't walked like a dog on a leash, but with a harness. Make sure you slowly familiarize your cat with it's walking area and never walk a cat by dogs.

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