Pretty and soft, they are becoming more and more popular as pets.

Chinchilla's come from the home land of the high Andes in South America. Their dense fur, with up to 80 hairs per follicle provides them with a warm coat to protect against the cold. When first discovered for domesticity in 1923, chinchilla's were on the edge of extinction. Since then with care and breeding they have grown in population. Due to this, chinchilla's were very expensive to own in the 1960's. So, while chinchilla's have grown in popularity as pets, they are considerably more expensive to buy than most other small mammals. In addition to being very cute, they are also clean and friendly.

Are there different kinds of chinchillas?

Since their domestication, chinchilla's have increased in their range of colors. The traditional color of a chinchilla is slate blue-gray with a white underbelly. Other colors and types range from the Fawn chinchilla to the Black-Velvet to Pink-White. You can enjoy your chinchilla for a long time. They are the longest living of all rodents. A typical life-span is 10-12 years.

Where do I keep my chinchilla?

Chinchillas need to be kept indoors away from any damp and chilly surroundings. They should live in an all-wire cage so that their droppings can fall through the mesh below and not soil their fur.

What do chinchillas eat?

Chinchillas have their own special pelleted food. They also need a lot of good-quality hay to complete their dietary needs. Plus, they need a constant supply of fresh water in a bottle with a metal spout. Try our
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