Guinea pigs from a long history dating back more than 500 years from South America. While they are named for pigs, more commonly due to their pig like oinks and honks, they are relatives of the rodent family. They are also known for their native Peruvian Indian name: cavy. A bit skittish by nature, it is best to get a guinea pig as a baby so you can train it to become familiar with your touch and handling. Look for one that is calm and can be easily socialized.

Does my guinea pig need special toys?

Guinea pigs love to perch in their hutch. The best thing is a small cardboard box with the sides cut low enough so they can climb in and out. Make sure the box is short enough so they can get on top. Guinea pigs also like to chew to keep their teeth short and sharp. Keep a twig or two in it's hutch to chew on. Try our safe and natural Critter Chopsticks made from hardwood in the Northwest.

Can my guinea pig get scurvy?

The answer is: yes! Guinea pigs are prone to vitamin deficiencies, most notably Vitamin C. Make sure you get the right food pellets and add leafy green vegetables, carrots or fruits to their diet that are high in Vitamin C.

How do I groom my guinea pig?

Although there are different types of guinea pigs, they all need to stay clean and well-groomed. You can give your guinea pig a bath in warm water and soap if they have stuff stuck in their fur. Make sure you dry them off really well, but gently. On long haired guinea pigs you may need to brush out their hair more often. They can't groom themselves like a cat.