Soft and cuddly these pets attach to kids and adults alike.

Dating back to their introduction from wild rabbits in the 11th century, today there are over 200 breeds of rabbits worldwide. Rabbits are easily tamed and responsive to the children who care for them. A rabbit raised from a baby will attach themselves to you and may follow you around like a puppy. You may even be able to train it to walk on a leash! When buying a rabbit for a child, choose a size that the child can handle. Adult rabbits do not typically get along with each other, so unless you're intending on breeding, it's best to get a single rabbit.

Where does my rabbit live?

A rabbit lives in it's own house called a hutch. Hutches are available at your local pet store. Due to the time of year, there are a multitude of hutches available around Easter. Make sure your hutch size is appropriate to the size of your rabbit.

Can my rabbit get fat?

Yes! By nature the rabbit is a grazer, which means they eat all day long. Make sure your rabbit gets some exercise every day. The best time can be in the morning after breakfast. Also, rabbits need a lot of water. Try our 32 oz. Critters Brites Bottles.

How often do I need to groom my rabbit?

Rabbits, like cats and dogs, have periods of shedding with the heaviest time as the weather warms. But, like dogs and cats, they do shed a little all the time. Your rabbit cannot swallow the hair it licks off as it could harm their intestines. Make sure you get a good fine-toothed metal comb for the best results.

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