These pets can be an interesting and exotic choice

In recent years, the choice to keep these exotic creatures in the home as pets has grown. Some species are very tame and their care can be fairly simple, others require more focused care. When choosing your pet, make sure you do your research and choose the kind of reptile you want. Some reptiles come from a tropical climate, while others come from a more temperate climate.

Where does my reptile live?

Reptiles live in aquarium like homes called “vivariums”. Based on your pet, you may be able to convert an aquarium into a vivarium. As each reptile may require a specific environment as noted above, these vivariums give you the opportunity to create unique settings appropriate to your pet. You can vary the lighting and landscape to suit your pets needs.

How much water does my reptile need?

It depends on your pet. We offer a variety of water bottles. Try our Reptile Water Fount.