Lixit Product Support

Training pets to use the Top Fill Valve Bottle (QLFT-32 & 16)

1. If pet is not used to a lever (valve drinker) you will need to train them. A valve type bottle does not have the clinging drop of water that ball bearing bottles have. This clinging drop of water is something they can sense/smell and they easily catch on to the “ball bearing” bottle. They can not sense the water in the valve drinker so they need to be trained to use it.

2. If pet is very tame, lead them to the valve stem. With your finger, press the lever up, down, or side to side to release water onto your finger. Please Note: it is not activated by pushing inward, it is activated by moving to side of tube.

3. Slowly move your finger away as they start licking at the water.

4. Sometimes it is helpful to put a yummy sticky substance, such as peanut butter, honey or jam on the lever, as the pet licks it off they will release the water.

5. Make sure your pet knows how to use the lever and get adequate water. It is recommended that you either mark how much water you put in, or fill to one of the ridges so you can monitor their water. If you do not see them drinking you may need to provide an alternate water source while you work on the training.

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