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Which water bottle should I select for my pet?

The size and selection of water bottles depend on the size of your pet. Many people want to make sure their pet will have more than an adequate supply of water and tend to buy a bottle really bigger than what their pet needs. The tube or nozzle size is also important so that your pet gets enough water, but doesn’t waste it. Your pet enjoys fresh water just as you do; the best water bottle size would be one that needs changed every few days. There are many styles of water bottles available for the different pets.

Standard bottle recommendations are:

Rabbits Inside, Ferrets, Large Birds, and similar sized pets -32 oz bottle

Rabbits Outside, 64 oz bottle (rabbits must have a lot of water when kept outside where it can become hot)

Dogs on Crates and Carriers 32 oz bottle, Dog Kennels and for use on fences outside, 64 oz bottle

Small Dogs 32 or 16 oz bottle

Guinea Pigs, Rats, Medium sized Birds, and similar sized pets-16 oz bottle

Hamsters, Mice, Small Birds, and similar sized pets -8 oz bottle or 4 oz if just one pet in a cage

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