Lixit Product Support

What is the “Valve” water bottle with a metal rod in the drinking tip?

The bottle you describe for Lixit is the Quick Lock Flip Top Water Tank with Valve. The lever-action drinking tip does indeed feature a lever (or rod) rather than a ball bearing. This style of valve does not depend on a vacuum seal to function (see question #3 above.) When this lever is moved in any direction by your pet, it in turn flexes an internal diaphragm valve that releases a flow of water. The water travels down the metal tube to the end where your pet has access to it. As long as the lever is being moved or held in any position off center (the "closed" position), the internal flexible valve will be open to a greater or lesser degree to allow water flow. As soon as the pet releases the valve lever, and it returns to the centered position, the flexible internal valve seals shut. This Valve lever-action was developed following a review of similar drinking valve designs used in large rabbitries where water is delivered via large in-line systems using emitters rather than water bottles. The Top Fill water bottle is suitable for rabbits and similar sized pets with the same drinking technique. Please note that this bottle does not have ball bearings and some pets will require training to use it. A ball bearing cap will not work on this bottle.

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