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When all the water from my "Vacuum Valve" water bottle runs out on the cage floor, what has happened?

First, let's start with the most obvious cause. Check to make sure that the gasket is still inside the cap and still flat. Some gaskets can slip out during washing. If the gasket is compressed, turn it over to expose a newer, flatter surface. Since the water didn't leak out at first, we can assume that when filled and installed your bottle was damage free and functioning properly.

There is only one way for water to leak out of a "Vacuum-Valve" bottle with the ball-bearing tip. The vacuum, once having formed, has been broken. For water to leak out, air must leak in. Please see Question #3 above to learn about Vacuum Valves. There are two obvious reasons for a vacuum to be canceled: water bottle damage, or debris in the bottle. Water bottle damage is most often caused by 1): chewing pets opening a tiny hole in the bottle or cap that will allow the smallest amount of air to enter the bottle. This air entering the bottle cancels the vacuum seal, even if the hole is at the top of the water bottle above the water level. (Hairline cracks in the bottle or cap that also allow air exchange may occur if the water bottle is dropped.) So if your pet chews a hole into the bottle after it is on the cage, the water can all run out at once. The next most obvious reason is 2): debris that has been introduced by the pet into the drinking tube. This can be tiny flecks of feed that the animal or bird had in its mouth while it was drinking...the feed particles get shoved up into the tube by the pet and lodge between the ball and the inside of the drinking tube, preventing the ball from dropping down into the sealed position. Pet hairs, bits of bedding or small feathers have also been found lodged in this position, creating instant leaking. If neither of these reasons seems to be why your water bottle is leaking, remove the bottle and check the rubber gasket for wear or defects such as warping from being over-tightened. Check the cap for debris in the threads that screw it onto the bottle.

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